Doctor Of Humanistic Depth Psychology

Master Zen Teacher And Counselor




Peaceful Light is a delightfully simple, profoundly insightful, and wholly optimistic book that will enrich the experience of your everyday life. Peaceful Light was written to advance the health, healing, and wellbeing of teenagers, young adults, and older adults of any age who still cherish their fearless, open, and youthful hearts. Peaceful Light helps to clarify what it really means to be a brilliant, honorable, and successful human being. Peaceful Light encourages the personal, cultural, and global realization of racial equality, social justice, embodied truth, behavioral wisdom, and inborn spiritual values.  Peaceful Light teaches all people how to be wholeheartedly loving, easefully responsible,  mentally and emotionally positive, naturally compassionate, and completely fulfilled with nothing lacking.  Peaceful Light is for everyone who wants to live a healthy, happy, and balanced life in the timeless moment of Now.  


Dr. Bonnici  has been married for fifty-five years, has two grown sons, a daughter-in-heart, and four grandchildren. He has educated students in preschool, grammar school, high school, and at the university level.  For the last forty years, Dr. Bonnici has mentored and counseled children, teenagers, and adults from all walks of life.  He encourages the daily practice of Zen mindfulness and meditation in order to achieve and sustain the farther reaches of physical health, mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence, loving relationships, and inborn spiritual guidance.

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